Sometimes I’m asked to talk about what I have built, or am building, on this internet.

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I help others learn from my mistakes (and occasional success) via consulting.

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The Blog Posts of Jason Glaspey

My kids are forever unclean… And have poop ankles

Sometimes, the only thing left to do is pour out your wine so you can fill the glass with bourbon. But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Earlier this evening Holly asked me to give the boys a bath and she’d clean up the kitchen. This is a typical division of labor around our house yet I’m usually the one in the kitchen (which I tend to almost enjoy), but I’m leaving tomorrow for a trip and if she wants … Read more

All My Favorite Desktop Apps

A friend recently asked me which apps I use on my desktop. It was a way bigger question than I think he realized, but after I sent him a lengthy email, I figured I’d put it up on the webz. Because, I love these apps. Below are my favorite desktop apps and the ones I use the most. When there are multiples, the ones in bold are my favorites. 1Password – Password manager. If you’re not using a password manager, … Read more

Best Man of The League

A buddy of mine, Jason Pollock, recently asked me, “if you had to pick one guy from the league to be friends with who would it be?” I sent him an email reply, and thought it was a good question, so I’m posting it here for others to answer. But, my answers are right. Jenny. No question. Le sigh. She’s dreamy. If it had to be a *guy* from The League, it’s an easy choice when you get rid of … Read more