Sometimes I’m asked to talk about what I have built, or am building, on this internet.

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I help others learn from my mistakes (and occasional success) via consulting.

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The Blog Posts of Jason Glaspey

Selling Out and Cashing In

ok. so, That was a sensational headline. but it’s sort of mostly true. I sold a percentage of Paleo Plan. BOOM! YEEHAH! WHOOHOO! OMG! I join a group of people who’ve bootstrapped a company from scratch then had an exit. Begin golf claps everyone. I’ll wait. The asterisk is that I’m not actually leaving Paleo Plan. Nor did I fully cash out. I sold a majority percentage of the company to a group of people who can bring in some … Read more

Updating Outdated Definitions

I’m working on creating new definitions for my life because I’ve found the old ones have become no longer useful. I’m sure there are other ways of describing this, and I’m sure I’m not the first one to think of it, but lately I’ve been examining certain behaviors of mine and wondering why I’m likely to behave in ways that I don’t really want to, or agree with. Or to do things that frustrate me. Part of the reason is … Read more

Last Hours to Comment on FCC’s Net Neutrality Comment Period

Hey guys, it’s a pretty important couple of days in regard to the FCC’s public comment period over Net Neutrality. The Internet is not broken, but the FCC could be working to fix that… mainly at the lobbying of big interest and big cable.

Please consider going to Battle For the Internet and signing. It honestly takes like, shit, 7 seconds?
And seriously, watch the video. It’s super funny, and also very very shocking, and stuff.
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