The Stash

The Stash as a website is to Burton what a secret powder stash is to the snowboarder. Tucked away in the internet, The Stash provides a glimpse of a special place created for the adventurous snowboarder. In the real-world, The Stash is a custom-made run at several of the world’s largest resorts, crafted and designed by Burton Snowboards to create one-of-a-kind runs utilizing the natural terrain and the experience of nature. Our job was to create a web experience that matched this special place on the mountain.

Who I worked with:
Instrument, Peet Kegler, Burton

What I did:
Worked with illustrators, videographers, design agency, corporate client, and in-house production team to make an immersive Flash-based experience in two languages to celebrate Burton Snowboards branded snowboard runs at mountains around the world.