Jason Glaspey

Good day sir! Jason Glaspey here, the Founder and CEO of Factory, a digital publishing company. We produce and publish content with a digital-first bias — counter to legacy publishers, who’ve been operating mostly unchanged for over 300 years.

I got my professional start making crappy advertising, then managing and building crappy websites. Eventually, I found myself lucky enough to be working on global brands as a producer and information architect. I’ve worked with a bunch of fancy agencies and brands, and had a good time. But, in the end, it was always for someone else’s end. So I struck out on my own and created crappy little startups, and made crappy little mistakes. However, I learned some valuable lessons along the way and soon found myself running a real company that had real employees, and was actually profitable and exciting.

In my 20s, I couldn’t have explained what an entrepreneur was, it’s now a word I’ve often heard used to describe me. The reality is that I am pretty bad at working for other people, and have found ways to be in charge so I can manage my time the way I want to. I’m absolutely and unendingly blessed to be in this position.

A few notable accomplishments:

  • I’ve created and sold a few companies.
  • I’ve helped co-found a tech incubator called PIE along with Scott Kveton, Rick Turoczy, and Renny Gleeson; hosted with W+K.
  • I started and ran a 2-day conference called Tiny Startup Camp helping people create their own non-funded side business.
  • Given a commencement speech at the Art Institute of Portland, and guest lectured at several university classes around Oregon and Washington
  • Was a Doctoral Advisor at George Fox University
  • Facilitated the OEN Gorge Bootcamp for small businesses
  • Spoken at a few conferences