Best Man of The League

A buddy of mine, Jason Pollock, recently asked me, “if you had to pick one guy from the league to be friends with who would it be?”

I sent him an email reply, and thought it was a good question, so I’m posting it here for others to answer.

But, my answers are right.

Jenny. No question.

Le sigh. She’s dreamy.

If it had to be a *guy* from The League, it’s an easy choice when you get rid of the ones that wouldn’t work.

I think taco would be most entertaining, but he’s a train wreck and can’t be counted on for anything other than observational enjoyment.

Pete is probably the best actual guy/friend, but he’s not married and is handsome enough he gets laid, so we’d have nothing in common.

Ruxin is a dick. Which makes him too much like me, so we wouldn’t get along.

I’d punch Andre

Rafi would kill me somehow

Dirty Randy isn’t worth knowing.

Which leaves us with Kevin. He is smothered in shame sauce, aging and afraid to admit it, understands that his kids have ruined his life, and lives for any chance to feel like a dude again without endangering his marriage. I’d say we’d get along great.

What about you? Do you have a favorite?

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