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My kids are forever unclean… And have poop ankles

Sometimes, the only thing left to do is pour out your wine so you can fill the glass with bourbon. But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Earlier this evening Holly asked me to give the boys a bath and she’d clean up the kitchen. This is a typical division of labor around our house yet I’m usually the one in the kitchen (which I tend to almost enjoy), but I’m leaving tomorrow for a trip and if she wants … Read more

All My Favorite Desktop Apps

A friend recently asked me which apps I use on my desktop. It was a way bigger question than I think he realized, but after I sent him a lengthy email, I figured I’d put it up on the webz. Because, I love these apps. Below are my favorite desktop apps and the ones I use the most. When there are multiples, the ones in bold are my favorites. 1Password – Password manager. If you’re not using a password manager, … Read more

Best Man of The League

A buddy of mine, Jason Pollock, recently asked me, “if you had to pick one guy from the league to be friends with who would it be?” I sent him an email reply, and thought it was a good question, so I’m posting it here for others to answer. But, my answers are right. Jenny. No question. Le sigh. She’s dreamy. If it had to be a *guy* from The League, it’s an easy choice when you get rid of … Read more

Selling Out and Cashing In

ok. so, That was a sensational headline. but it’s sort of mostly true. I sold a percentage of Paleo Plan. BOOM! YEEHAH! WHOOHOO! OMG! I join a group of people who’ve bootstrapped a company from scratch then had an exit. Begin golf claps everyone. I’ll wait. The asterisk is that I’m not actually leaving Paleo Plan. Nor did I fully cash out. I sold a majority percentage of the company to a group of people who can bring in some … Read more

Updating Outdated Definitions

I’m working on creating new definitions for my life because I’ve found the old ones have become no longer useful. I’m sure there are other ways of describing this, and I’m sure I’m not the first one to think of it, but lately I’ve been examining certain behaviors of mine and wondering why I’m likely to behave in ways that I don’t really want to, or agree with. Or to do things that frustrate me. Part of the reason is … Read more

Last Hours to Comment on FCC’s Net Neutrality Comment Period

Hey guys, it’s a pretty important couple of days in regard to the FCC’s public comment period over Net Neutrality. The Internet is not broken, but the FCC could be working to fix that… mainly at the lobbying of big interest and big cable.

Please consider going to Battle For the Internet and signing. It honestly takes like, shit, 7 seconds?
And seriously, watch the video. It’s super funny, and also very very shocking, and stuff.
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Envy Me Dammit!

I’m pretty emotionally charged lately, as well as being a bit overwhelmed. I feel like I’m learning so much about being a father and a husband. I’m learning about starting new companies. I almost bought a house that was really fantastic, but we walked away because we did some big-boy research and found out we might be pushed into a corner if certain events take place in a few years in the surrounding area. I’m traveling and learning about other … Read more

Yay! SNOW!

I have a kid. He’s pretty much my favorite thing. Snow is on the list of favorite things, as is my wife. Thus, this photo is kind of like the whole list of favorite things.

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My ideal archiving/bookmarking/save-for-later service

I recently read about how Mozilla is contemplating Save for Later, and how the functionality could be built right into the browser. It’s a really cool look at not only how people save for later, but why, using what methods, and on which kinds of devices. Personally, I’ve always been frustrated by the idea of needing to manually archive anything I read that I may want to reference at another time. I’m not a big bookmarker, pinboard, delicious, instapaper user. … Read more

Interview: William Hertling – Portland Author

A few of you may have read my review of William Hertlings’ Avogadro Corp on Silicon Florist earlier this year, and if so, you’ll know I’m a fan of the book. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet William for coffee several times lately, and thought it would be fun to do a little interview with him, as he has a second book coming out, and you all should know about it too. Everyone, meet William. William, everyone. Q: You’ve … Read more

In Memory of Adam Yauch

On May 4th, 2012, Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys passed away. While to many, celebrity deaths offer short moments of reflection followed by a field day for gossip rags, I’ve never really cared that much about any of them. Even the death of Steve Jobs, which many thought would bum me out, didn’t really affect me at all. Celebrities really don’t have that big of an impact on my life (even Steve Jobs), and all death is sad, so … Read more

Finally, the perfect workflow for taking/sharing photos with my wife

For the past 7 years, my wife and I have been taking photos and trying to figure out how to both share those between us. Sometimes, I have the camera, and take great shots, then transfer them to my computer. Other times, same story, but Holly is in charge and it’s her computer the photos end up on. I’ve wished iPhoto allowed us to share a single library, but I can’t even get my entire library properly shared between my … Read more

Killer Mechanic Shop in Eugene

Ok, so I’m a bit biased. But, I’m pretty proud of my old man, and he’s one of two mechanics at a really great auto repair shop in Eugene. They didn’t really have much of a website, so I put one together for them over the weekend. It’s small, but it does the job. Their shop is called Wagon Works. However, I do have to say, if you’re in the market for a mechanic in Eugene, you’d have a hard … Read more

Missing the Mentors and Advisors

Last night at Urban Airship, Portland had the opportunity to welcome Jason Mendelson and Brad Feld of Foundry Group and the author’s of Venture Deals. Through the evening, I kept lamenting the fact that I have decided to not take funding with Paleo Plan. Not for the money’s sake, but because when you are backed by guys like Jason and Brad, you get access to them as advisors, and their introductions to other mentors, not to mention possible partnerships. Paleo … Read more

Some of My Best Work

So, if you know me much, you know I fancy myself decent at parallel parking. Today, I feel I accomplished some of my best work to date. If you don’t like bragging, turn away now. 😉 I got this with only the slightest of bumping. Honest. The other cars didn’t even shimmy. And at most 4 “Austin Powers Turns” to get in. That’s about 1 inch in the back. And maybe 4-5 inches in the front. And a nice total … Read more

Paleo Plan and Customer Service

Over the past year of running Paleo Plan I’ve encountered just about every possible customer service request imaginable. I’d seen it all. People registering, not liking it, wanting a refund, people needing to change their information, people wanting specific information about this or that, regardless if that is what we offer in our plan or not. People sometimes need help, and I’ve always felt that in this small, paleo community, I couldn’t afford to not do everything I could to … Read more

Notes from my talk at Wordcamp PDX

This Saturday I had the opportunity to speak at Wordcamp PDX. I spoke on my experience running Paleo Plan, a subscription website using WordPress. Below are my notes. Running a subscription site on WordPress First of all, running a subs site on WP isn’t that different than anywhere else. We’ll be talking about subscription sites in general, with a small focus on opportunities explicit to WP. I’ll be speaking out of personal experience, but obviously, your results may differ If … Read more

Bike Math

I’m really interested in getting the newly announced Transition TR250. With some simple gorilla math, the bike–with the build kit I want–would cost ~$5000. That’s a lot of money to spend on a bicycle. While talking with my brother-in-law, I mentioned that this is going to be a hard sell to my wife. He pointed out some very important math to keep in mind. I give you his notations below: * Note, I currently have a used Santa Cruz VP-Free, … Read more

I started the Paleo Plan in only three weeks immediately before Thanksgiving in 2009. I had done research and some preliminary planning and content aggregation beforehand, but really moved into sprint mode at the beginning of November.
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Nike Golf Mobile

The Nike Golf mobile website is a deep and highly graphic site built by Wieden+Kennedy. I worked as the Information Architect and helped shape the user experience and content strategy.
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