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Me and the Super Bowl

What happens when one of your best friends is in the ad industry, and gets the opportunity to create a Super Bowl ad for a new company called FloTV? Well, if the point of the commercial is to emasculate a young man, then that friend takes the opportunity. In this case, said friend–Jason Pollock–used the opportunity to call me a sissy in front of, oh I don’t know, a few hundred million viewers… Name dropping me in the commercial. I … Read more

Eating Paleo?

I recently created and launched a new company/website. It’s called Paleo Plan and is a subscription membership site for people following the Paleo Diet. We offer a complete meal plan, recipes, and a cohesive shopping list to our members each week to make following the diet easier and require less planning. So far, we’ve been launched for one month and have received a lot of positive feedback and great response from our members. Keep an eye on it. And even … Read more

Slap Chop Rap

So, I’ve been watching this for several days now. Maybe over 200 times total. I just start it, let it play in the background, and then go and start it again. I just love this song. You should too.

“Hi, It’s Vince from Slap Chop. You’re going to be in a great mood all day.”
“Watch this, you’re gonna love my nuts.”
Damn this is good stuff.
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Drunken History: One of the best video sets of the year

When I first stumbled into the Drunken History series, I immediately knew I had found something special and beautiful. Take a bunch of very smart, yet youngish folk, and have them recount specific tales of yore, while under the influence. It’s brilliant. And I also immediately thought of trying to get my good friend, we’ll call him ‘standes,’ to do this, as he’s also the smartest guy I know, and a “I’m getting my PhD in history” kind of guy. … Read more

Crowbar Movie Trailer

Speaking of side projects, I’ve always loved movies, and can’t imagine how hard it would be to make one. However, some extended family members are trying to get funding for a new feature-length movie, Crowbar. It actually looks like a pretty decent horror/thriller. And I have to say, my sister’s father-in-law plays a pretty sinister looking character. Check out the trailer and pass it along.

Check out their trailer and other info about them at their YouTube page.
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Why Everyone Should Be Working on Side Projects

I’ve been talking with several people lately, and something that seems to keep coming up is side projects (I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I’m currently working on a few myself). However, the gist of the conversation revolves around the fact that I think that anyone worth hiring should be working on their own side projects. While, I recognize not everyone has the entrepreneurial spirit, and not everyone needs/wants to be part of a startup, … Read more


UPDATE:: Scott, Michael, and I recently sold the site. Unfortunately, the design has been radically changed. DO NOT GO THERE! But click the image above to see how nice it used to look. Bacon has been exploding, literally, all over the internet as of late. And while it’s been on the geek/tech radar for a while now, there’s no denying its popularity. In fact, someone told me that bacon consumption was up 40% in 2008 alone. FORTY PERCENT! So, Scott … Read more

Unthirsty is a happy hour finder built and created by Jason Glaspey, Matt King, and Geoffrey Lorenzen. It was built as a proof of concept but grew into a full-fledged website managing thousands of happy hour locations around the world. We have been purposeful in keeping it free of ads, as it was created as our first side-project, and we choose to focus on user-experience than ROI (for this site at least). Who I Work With: Matt King and Geoffrey … Read more

The Stash

The Stash as a website is to Burton what a secret powder stash is to the snowboarder. Tucked away in the internet, The Stash provides a glimpse of a special place created for the adventurous snowboarder. In the real-world, The Stash is a custom-made run at several of the world’s largest resorts, crafted and designed by Burton Snowboards to create one-of-a-kind runs utilizing the natural terrain and the experience of nature. Our job was to create a web experience that … Read more

Macaroni and Cheese

Tillamook came to Leopold Ketel & Partners looking for a website that created excitement and the celebration of their amazing cheese, especially when matched with gourmet recipes for macaroni and cheese. Together, we created A deep site containing recipes, videos, tutorials, and a yearly contest for the best use of Tillamook cheese along with the simple macaroni. The results were amazing and it was a delicious pleasure to work on the project, especially the video shoot. Who I worked … Read more

My Chucks

The My Chucks website was a joint venture between EastyBay, Converse, Big Giant, and Instrument. The two companies approached the two agencies and the four of us created a “Design Your Own Chuck Taylor” contest. The winning design went on to become an actual shoe.
Who I worked with:
Instrument, Big Giant, Converse, and EastBay
What I did:
Worked as Project Manager to pull together content, designs, and guide usability while working with two corporations and a third-party design agency.
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Driving Lines

Several years ago while working at a car magazine, I started writing reviews of the cars I got to drive. The car magazine didn’t post new car reviews but maybe one or two out of the 8-10 cars we got each month, so there was no conflict of interest. I figured that someday, I might leave the magazine, and it would be incredible to continue reviewing and driving the new cars each week. I figured the best way to do … Read more

Bac’n and a sea of Shirts

Last week we had a little photoshoot for our new t-shirts for Bac’ website. Lots of people showed up and we had a great time. Here’s a fun shot of me shooting other people.
Photo by: merrick_monroe
Thanks to everyone who showed up. Hopefully we’ll get the photos on the site ASAP.
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Why don’t TV show characters exist on social media?

OK, I keep hearing about how the television networks are having a really hard time ‘breaking into’ new media, while also combating Tivo/torrent use and dwindling the ratings they cause. How it’s hard to know where and what to do to get viewers involved in shows off the tube. So far, the best many of them are doing is putting a few 30 second extras or out-takes onilne, but as NBC does, they wrap them in 30 second commercials making … Read more

Star Wars, as told by someone who hasn’t seen it

Absolutely one of the coolest/funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time. I love the internet.
Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn’t seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.
Backstory: A guy asks a girl to describe Star Wars even though she’s only seen ‘bits and pieces’ of the movies, but still thinks she knows the plot. Epic funny.
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I’m a simple man and this cracks me up.

So, I have admitted before and I’ll admit again that simple things can just crack me up. The following photo is one of those things. Not high-tech, and not really THAT funny, but the look on Biden’s face is just so awesome in the third pane, that I had to post it.

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Stat of the day

If you invested $1000 one year ago in the following you would have:
Delta Airlines: $49
AIG: $15
Fanny Mae: $2.50
However if you purchased $1000 worth of beer, drank it all and recycled the cans, you would have $219.
Something to think about.
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The Ninja Cat – it sneaky

My decent friend Jason Pollock sent this over to me, and so I thought I’d share it with ya’ll.
The Ninja Cat
I can has sneek attak?
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Why is Fox News allowed to exist?

Personally, watching this makes me sick to my stomach. It’s funny that we’re supposed to watch these people on Fox News, who I’ve never heard of, and don’t seem to be that intelligent nor well-read, talk down about a guy who is just speaking openly about his personal opinions, which is his free will to do. forgive me for linking to this, but I’m really pretty annoyed that this is Fox NEWS!!! Since when do news channels and programs dub … Read more

Apple continues to get called out for misleading advertising

37signals wrote a piece recently discussing the real world differences between the iPhones 3G performance and the blazing “twice as fast” demonstration in the commercial. Web pages load immediately. GPS picks up instantly. Files download about 3x faster than I’ve ever seen a file download — even over wi-fi. I don’t think standing on top of a 3G tower antenna would even deliver such an experience. It’s an interesting discussion. They also note that if this commercial was about features, … Read more