I started the Paleo Plan in only three weeks immediately before Thanksgiving in 2009. I had done research and some preliminary planning and content aggregation beforehand, but really moved into sprint mode at the beginning of November.

Working quickly and with agile methods, I got the site live and started tested user feedback. By harnessing AdWords search ads, I was able to quickly drive a sizable amount of traffic and adapt to the immediate feedback. Within 45 days I had paid off my initial cash investment, and the site is now very profitable.

The goal of the site is to help make following the Paleo Diet easier, by providing tools and resources and shopping lists.

Who I work with:
Holly Glaspey

What I did:
I was in charge of strategy, planning, overseeing the design, production, content aggregation and development, marketing, customer service, and whatever else. Holly Glaspey did all design and helps with ongoing content production.

Nike Golf Mobile

The Nike Golf mobile website is a deep and highly graphic site built by Wieden+Kennedy. I worked as the Information Architect and helped shape the user experience and content strategy.

Who I work with:
Marcellino Alvarez, Jesse Johnson, Trent Johnson (all of W+K)

What I did:
Responsible for wireframing and Information Architecture of the mobile site, both for iPhone and XHTML-based sites, but also for WAP site as well.


UPDATE:: Scott, Michael, and I recently sold the site. Unfortunately, the design has been radically changed. DO NOT GO THERE! But click the image above to see how nice it used to look.

Bacon has been exploding, literally, all over the internet as of late. And while it’s been on the geek/tech radar for a while now, there’s no denying its popularity. In fact, someone told me that bacon consumption was up 40% in 2008 alone. FORTY PERCENT!

So, Scott Kveton, Michael Richardson, and myself all decided to take our passion and love of bacon and do something about it. And the Bac’n website was born.

Bac’n is an ecommerce site selling real bacon to the country. We find the absolute best bacon we can get our hands on, from tiny little farmers in the East Coast, to Fletcher’s, who just makes fantastic bacon. When we find something we think everyone should try, we stock it and sell it.

The most exciting part of the site was we built the entire thing in exactly three weeks from conception, in the evenings of our full-time jobs. It’s a great product, and a great experience.

Who I work with:
Scott Kveton, Michael Richardson, Holly Glaspey, Darin Richardson

What I did:
I am responsible for most of the non-coding and non-business development activities. I work on marketing, advertising, SEO, content, and general direction of all creative. Since there are really only three of us in the company, we all wear a lot of hats.

Unthirsty is a happy hour finder built and created by Jason Glaspey, Matt King, and Geoffrey Lorenzen. It was built as a proof of concept but grew into a full-fledged website managing thousands of happy hour locations around the world. We have been purposeful in keeping it free of ads, as it was created as our first side-project, and we choose to focus on user-experience than ROI (for this site at least).

Who I Work With:
Matt King and Geoffrey Lorenzen

What I Did:
I managed feature sets, production, marketing, and SEO related tasks, while working with a designer and programmer with zero budget. This site represents what can be built with passion and love of the industry, even when no money is available.

The Stash

The Stash as a website is to Burton what a secret powder stash is to the snowboarder. Tucked away in the internet, The Stash provides a glimpse of a special place created for the adventurous snowboarder. In the real-world, The Stash is a custom-made run at several of the world’s largest resorts, crafted and designed by Burton Snowboards to create one-of-a-kind runs utilizing the natural terrain and the experience of nature. Our job was to create a web experience that matched this special place on the mountain.

Who I worked with:
Instrument, Peet Kegler, Burton

What I did:
Worked with illustrators, videographers, design agency, corporate client, and in-house production team to make an immersive Flash-based experience in two languages to celebrate Burton Snowboards branded snowboard runs at mountains around the world.

Macaroni and Cheese

Tillamook came to Leopold Ketel & Partners looking for a website that created excitement and the celebration of their amazing cheese, especially when matched with gourmet recipes for macaroni and cheese. Together, we created A deep site containing recipes, videos, tutorials, and a yearly contest for the best use of Tillamook cheese along with the simple macaroni. The results were amazing and it was a delicious pleasure to work on the project, especially the video shoot.

Who I worked with:
Instrument, Leopold Ketel & Partners, Tillamook Cheese

What I did:
For this project, I worked with the Art Director and Designer to come up with a cheese-lovers website. Helping to craft the experience, the flow of the site, and then project managing it to its completed form.

My Chucks

The My Chucks website was a joint venture between EastyBay, Converse, Big Giant, and Instrument. The two companies approached the two agencies and the four of us created a “Design Your Own Chuck Taylor” contest. The winning design went on to become an actual shoe.

Who I worked with:
Instrument, Big Giant, Converse, and EastBay

What I did:
Worked as Project Manager to pull together content, designs, and guide usability while working with two corporations and a third-party design agency.

Driving Lines

Several years ago while working at a car magazine, I started writing reviews of the cars I got to drive. The car magazine didn’t post new car reviews but maybe one or two out of the 8-10 cars we got each month, so there was no conflict of interest.

I figured that someday, I might leave the magazine, and it would be incredible to continue reviewing and driving the new cars each week. I figured the best way to do that would be to start a car blog, and update it with reviews every time I could.

A year later, I did leave the magazine, but those early hours setting up the site and writing the reviews paid off. I now partner with Stefan Lombard (still at the magazine) and we take turns reviewing cars and posting our thoughts on the industry. I’ve been getting a car a week, for the whole week, for about 2 1/2 years now. It’s the best gig I’ve ever had, and I hope to keep it for a while.