All My Favorite Desktop Apps

A friend recently asked me which apps I use on my desktop. It was a way bigger question than I think he realized, but after I sent him a lengthy email, I figured I’d put it up on the webz. Because, I love these apps.

Below are my favorite desktop apps and the ones I use the most. When there are multiples, the ones in bold are my favorites.


– Password manager. If you’re not using a password manager, I’m not sure if we can be friends anymore. I have 1364 passwords stored in this app (seriously, that’s the number). Think about that. Over a thousand passwords to keep track of.

And almost all of them have a completely unique password. And I can log into anything, at any time, on my computer or phone or anything else. 1Password has a companion iOS app that syncs in the cloud and helps me identify passwords that are duplicated or over a certain period in age or from companies that have been hacked and that I should change my password for. It’s my second favorite thing on my computer besides Dropbox.


– Duh


– It’s a lot of things but I use it mainly as an application launcher. I hit the keyboard shortcut CMD+/ and it pops up a little window on my computer and I type the name of an application (usually only 1-3 letters of it) and then hit enter and that app launches. I keep my Dock as small as possible and it only shows the active apps and stays out of the way. Super clean. It also manages my clipboard history and a bunch of other things (like a quick calculater if i need one). I can’t use a computer without it.


– It’s a text expander. For instance, if I type the letters jph (for jason’s phone) it turns that into my phone number: 541-xxx-xxx
If I type xpt (for paste plan text), it pastes the content of my clipboard without any formatting (like if i copied from word or something and it’s all funky in Gmail)
If I type ifbsig (for IFB signature) it replaces it with my email signature for IFB:

Jason Glaspey
Principal – IFB
t: 541-xxx-xxxx

It’s awesome and I have a ton of little settings like that.


– Ebook manager. This allows me to have a huge library of ebooks and makes it easy to put on my kindle (especially if i downloaded them and didn’t get them from the kindle store).

IAWriter, Scrivener, Ulysses, NValt, Dropbox Paper, Evernote, LightPaper

– Text writing apps. Each one has a different approach depending on how I want to write. Or what I want to do with the text when I’m done or if I want to write in Markdown or not.

Newton, Polymail, Nylus N1, Mailplane, Kiwi for Gmail

– All email apps. Again, depending on what I need to do in my email, I choose different apps. Some are good for snoozing, some are good for long-form writing, some are just quick to jump in and check email. I’m kind of a freak about my email apps.


– Super quick way to get a movie or tv show or song from your computer onto your iPhone without worrying about syncing iTunes or that shit.


– The most amazing calculations app. Figure out the percentage of X, or add up your bills, or make complex math easy in a written word sort of way.

Todoist, OmniFocus, Trello, Wunderlist

– Task managers. I mainly use Todoist anymore, but I’ve tried them all. Way more than I’ve listed. Those are just my favorites.


– Screencapture software. I use this to make quick videos to show employees or contractors how to do things. Really easy way to record your screen and/or audio to walk through doing something on your computer.


– Manages my windows of my apps. Gives me keyboard shortcuts to make an app full screen, half screen (horizontally or vertically) and move windows from one monitor to another. I can’t use a computer without this either.


– Coding, text editor app. I use this as my scratch pad if I just need to type something up really quick and don’t need any other tools other than a cursor and keyboard input. Opens crazy fast and is ready to go immediately. It’s what I use when I’m writing code for a site, or what I’m typing in right now.


– Great app for watching videos. Can play pretty much any type of media format and also has a cool companion iOS app.

These are my favorites. Where there are multiples, I’ve put the ones I use daily in BOLD and the other ones are more around if I need them. Everything listed is great.

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