Missing the Mentors and Advisors

Last night at Urban Airship, Portland had the opportunity to welcome Jason Mendelson and Brad Feld of Foundry Group and the author’s of Venture Deals.

Through the evening, I kept lamenting the fact that I have decided to not take funding with Paleo Plan. Not for the money’s sake, but because when you are backed by guys like Jason and Brad, you get access to them as advisors, and their introductions to other mentors, not to mention possible partnerships.

Paleo Plan has been bootstrapped from day 1, and I’ve poured hours and hours and quite a few of my own dollars into making it what it is today, and I’m super excited to have the good fortune to run my own business (not to mention, some great help from my partner Neely).

However, I really do miss the opportunity to work with senior advisors, who are passionate about my company succeeding. I know I can reach out and find my own mentors, and I should. But I’ve been missing it thus, and am looking forward to trying to find some in Portland now that I really have come face to face with what I’m missing.

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