My ideal archiving/bookmarking/save-for-later service

I recently read about how Mozilla is contemplating Save for Later, and how the functionality could be built right into the browser. It’s a really cool look at not only how people save for later, but why, using what methods, and on which kinds of devices.

Personally, I’ve always been frustrated by the idea of needing to manually archive anything I read that I may want to reference at another time. I’m not a big bookmarker, pinboard, delicious, instapaper user. I just consume a ton of websites and articles, and move on.

My question: why do we have to do this manually? What if a page was automatically bookmarked and indexed based on how long I stayed on the page? What if my browser knows I scrolled to the bottom of the content, so took specific actions based on pre-set rules?

Spend 3 minutes on a page and scroll to the comments? Participate in the comments? Watch a video to the end? All these things could trigger certain responses to archive or clip the content. Even better, if it saved everything, but weighted content based on how I consumed it.

And, I would love it if that synced in the cloud, so no matter if I’m on my laptop or my work machine, or home iMac, all my browsing history was being captured.

I know this will freak some people out, but I don’t care. If I sign up for the service, I’m giving implicit permission to track my surfing.

It would also be extra amazing if the service in the cloud went and indexed those pages, so that I could quickly search against it.

And since we have dozens of calendar apps that can parse common language, why not apply that same logic to our searches…

A couple of searches I could imagine:
a video I watched last month about badgers
article in a news site that talked about type II diabetes in african american women
comparison of external hard drives - only read first paragraph
iOS app for tracking workouts - read in last 2 months

I hope these are a bit self-explanatory.

And sure, some of this takes some of the magic of google to properly pull off, but even if it just indexed the page titles of my history–along with some meta data on my consumption of the page–that would be a huge start.

I really have no idea how hard this would be to pull off. I don’t code. But I’ve seen one-person projects that seem to take on more ambitious projects. And let’s start with just the browser saving locally.

And hey, if there’s ever a startup idea with a clear acquisition path…

What do you think?

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