I started the Paleo Plan in only three weeks immediately before Thanksgiving in 2009. I had done research and some preliminary planning and content aggregation beforehand, but really moved into sprint mode at the beginning of November.

Working quickly and with agile methods, I got the site live and started tested user feedback. By harnessing AdWords search ads, I was able to quickly drive a sizable amount of traffic and adapt to the immediate feedback. Within 45 days I had paid off my initial cash investment, and the site is now very profitable.

The goal of the site is to help make following the Paleo Diet easier, by providing tools and resources and shopping lists.

Who I work with:
Holly Glaspey

What I did:
I was in charge of strategy, planning, overseeing the design, production, content aggregation and development, marketing, customer service, and whatever else. Holly Glaspey did all design and helps with ongoing content production.

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