Selling Out and Cashing In

ok. so, That was a sensational headline. but it’s sort of mostly true.

I sold a percentage of Paleo Plan. BOOM! YEEHAH! WHOOHOO! OMG!

I join a group of people who’ve bootstrapped a company from scratch then had an exit. Begin golf claps everyone. I’ll wait.

The asterisk is that I’m not actually leaving Paleo Plan. Nor did I fully cash out. I sold a majority percentage of the company to a group of people who can bring in some skills that I was sorely lacking. Who have experience where I have none. Who are good at my bad. Peanut butter and chocolate if you know what I mean.

The truth is that I’m really really good at building a brand, a product, a mission, and a voice. I’m really bad at iterating, evolving, perfecting, and making conversion-based decisions. Call me the emotional versus the analytical.

So, this is great news. Paleo Plan has grown up. It’s become mature and awesome and helps thousands of people follow the Paleo diet even better than before. And now, we have the resources, knowledge, and expertise to make the company better. Am I leaving? No. Am I stoked to see where it goes next? YES! And do we have the team that can make that happen? Finally!

It also frees me up to continue doing what I’m good at. Building from scratch. There’s some new news that comes with that very soon. But nothing will change at Paleo Plan, and Factory (that new news I was talking about) will have some news of its own very soon.


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