Speaking and Consulting


Sometimes I’m asked to talk about what I have built, or am building, on this internet.

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I help others learn from my mistakes (and occasional success) via consulting.

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I like to talk a lot. I’ve spoken at a number of conferences and thus far, have never had a tomato thrown at me while on stage. I really enjoy talking, as my mom will affirm, and I find it a privilege and an honor when invited to speak. I’m happy to speak at conferences, classes, and private events.

Previous Themes:

  • Selling Bacon Online: a talk given with Scott Kveton on our experience creating an online bacon empire in three weeks.
  • Build Something, Build Anything: a talk on the positive impacts of side projects and how they can open doors and create new professional opportunities.
  • Why Tiny Startups are the Best Startups: discussion on how shrinking your vision can help you be more successful and more content with a self-funded side project.

Previous Venues:

  • Tiny Startup Camp
  • Rhodium Weekend (formerly the Internet Investment Summit)
  • Wordcamp Portland
  • Startup Weekend
  • Webvisions
  • Hewlett Packard
  • University of Oregon
  • Washington State University
  • Art Institute of Portland
  • OEN Gorge TechTalks

Jason is the guy I call when I’m thinking about a new idea. He has this uncanny ability to see the soft spots and opportunities in an idea. From production to marketing and sales funnel insights, he’s a trusted advisor in all my projects.

— Chase Reeves

Creative Director, Fizzle

As a leader in the media industry, Jason’s acted as a mentor and consultant to my advertising class at the University of Oregon. His straightforward style and focus, together with his understanding of business strategy, help him to move people quickly to the next level of understanding.

— Chris Stadler

Adjunct Instructor, University of Oregon


Over the past decade I’ve worked with private companies, advertising and marketing agencies, and early stage startups as a consultant and contract employee. I most enjoy working with early stage startups and helping define business strategies and envision product goals. However, due to the fact that I also run my own company, it’s difficult for me to sit down with everyone who I’d like to. As such, I have come up with a consulting offering that may help people understand if I’m a good fit for their business or startup.

Initial Consulting: $500

What you get: We’ll have a 30-45 minute phone call where we discuss your company, your goals, and your current difficulties. I’ll make some very quick suggestions and discuss what my instincts are. If after this initial call you feel that I have something to offer your company, we’ll schedule a follow-up call along with a few tasks/projects you should work on in the meantime. If for some reason either of us don’t feel it’s a good fit, your initial fee will be refunded. 100% guarantee, no questions asked. But, I do ask that people pay before the meeting to demonstrate that they’re serious about valuing my time, and that they’re serious about improving their business.

Note: I actually hate this model. It feels contrived and self-important. However, I have had several companies tell me my advice has been invaluable, and if I’m going to take time away from my own company, I need to know that those asking for my time take my time and their time seriously. If you have any other suggestions on accomplishing these goals, I’m all ears.

Jason was an invaluable consigliere to our early stage startup. He's a great listener. He's analytical and empathetic. Most of all, Jason just cares, deeply and passionately, about building community and helping local entrepreneurs thrive.

— Mara Zepeda

Co-founder, Switchboard

Nobody loves him some internet like Jason. Making it work smarter, so he doesn't have to work harder is his passion and art. I've worked with him on corporate-sized interactive projects, and consulted with him on startup level ideas. He's always smart, insightful, funny as hell, and always delivers value way beyond what's expected. He's on a short list of trusted folks when it comes to business on the web.

— Courtney Stubbert

Creative Director, ArtsDigital